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David A. Celiberti, Sandra L. Harris


Krauss MW, Seltzer MM, Gordon R, Friedman DH.


Packman WL, Crittenden MR, Schaeffer E, Bongar B, Fischer JB, Cowan MJ.


Freedman RI, Krauss MW, Seltzer MM.


Essex EL, Seltzer MM, Krauss MW.


Seltzer MM, Greenberg JS, Krauss MW, Gordon RM, Judge K.


Dr. Wendy L. Packman , Dr. Mary R. Crittenden , Ms. Jodie B. Rieger Fischer , Dr. Evonne Schaeffer , Dr. Bruce Bongar & Dr. Morton J. Cowan


Wendy L. Packman , Mary R. Crittenden , Jodie B. Rieger Fischer , Morton J. Cowan , Janet K. Long , Carol Gruenert , Evonne Schaeffer & Bruce Bongar


Packman W.


Freedman RI, Griffiths D, Krauss MW, Seltzer MM.


Greenberg JS, Seltzer MM, Orsmond GI, Krauss MW.


Orsmond GI, Seltzer MM.

A community-based intervention for siblings and parents of children with chronic illness or disability: the ISEE study

Williams PD, Williams AR, Graff JC, Hanson S, Stanton A, Hafeman C, Liebergen A, Leuenberg K, Setter RK, Ridder L, Curry H, Barnard M, Sanders S.

A specific deficit in context processing in the unaffected siblings of patients with schizophrenia

MacDonald AW 3rd, Pogue-Geile MF, Johnson MK, Carter CS.

Behavioral adjustment of siblings of children with autism engaged in applied behavior analysis early intervention programs: the moderating role of social support

Hastings RP.

Behavioural problems in children and adolescents with spinal muscular atrophy and their siblings

Laufersweiler-Plass C, Rudnik-Schoneborn S, Zerres K, Backes M, Lehmkuhl G, von Gontard A.

Childhood brain tumors: children's and siblings' concerns regarding the diagnosis and phase of illness

Freeman K, O'Dell C, Meola C.

Conception of wellness in families with a diabetic child

Jutras S, Morin P, Proulx R, Vinay MC, Roy E, Routhier L.

Impact on the family: psychosocial adjustment of siblings of children who survive serious burns

Mancuso MG, Bishop S, Blakeney P, Robert R, Gaa J.

Important aspects of care and assistance for siblings of children treated for cancer: a parent and nurse perspective

von Essen L, Enskar K.

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