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Boufkhed S, Yurduşen S, Alarjeh G, Ahmed F, Alrjoub W, Guo P, Alajarmeh S, Şengelen M, Cemaloğlu M, Aydın B, Alnassan A, Al-Awady S, Kutluk T, Shamieh O, Harding R.

Concerns and priority outcomes for children with advanced cancer and their families in the Middle East: A cross-national qualitative study.

Front Oncol. 2023 Mar 14;13:1120990.

PMID: 36998436; PMCID: PMC10043430.

懸念として特定された領域の1つに同胞も含む家族の負担が挙げられている。 We identified five areas of concern: (5) Burden on caregiver and their families (e.g. financial issues, siblings left behind).




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