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2001 The First 2-day Training / Lectures


Don and Anne's Training in Tokyo Lectures

◯The welcome party

Don and Anne arrived at Tokyo in the afternoon on the 5th of September. We had a welcome party in the evening on that day.

Left: Kaori, Hiroko and Anne

Right: Sooja and Don

Yasuko took this picture with Sooja's camera. Kaori, Sooja and Yasuko were the pivot of this event. Hiroko is Yasuko’s older sister.


◯In a Fish Market

Don is interested in food, so we went to a famous fish market in the morning on the 6th.

From left: Don, Yasuko, Hiroko and Anne.

Sooja took this picture with her camera. We also went to Asakusa. In the afternoon, we had a meeting with Hisaoko, an interpreter.


◯Sign at the Hall

Today is a working day! Don and Anne's lectures were done at the Chofu Green Hall on the 7th. This is a sign at the entrance of the building. Sooja made it.

The sign reads...

Support for siblings of children with disabilities or chronic illnesses.

- Unusual concerns and support for siblings -

Lecturer: Donald Meyer, Director, the Sibling Support Project in the U.S.

Unusual Concerns and Unusual Opportunities

Getting Started

Lecturer: Anne Guthrie, research assistant with The Sibling Project, the University of Kansas Medical Center School of Nursing The "Discovery" of Siblings: A history of research and support for siblings of persons with developmental disabilities in the United States


◯At the Waiting Room

We are now in the waiting room at the hall.

 Left: Don and Yasuko

 Right: Hisako (an interpreter) and Anne

Hisako is Yasuko's friend and she is a professional interpreter and translator.

She has been helping us as a volunteer.


◯The opening address

Now it's 10 o'clock. Yasuko is giving an opening address.



Yasuko has introduced Don, Anne and Hisako to the audience.

Don and Hisako are sitting down. Hisako acted as a successive interpreter.

Anne sat down on one of the seats reserved for the audience because she gave her lecture in the afternoon.


◯Don is standing.

Don's lecture is proceeding. Don is standing!


◯Don came down from the stage

Don wanted to give his lecture with an Western style, so he came down from the stage.



Hisako, an interpreter remained on the stage.

She is Yasuko's friend and one of her sons has cerebral palsy.

You can read her essay at other page.

*How I re-discovered Yasuko(Arima-san)

*Seminar and Sibshop in Japan

*On the following day, September 8th, we had a Sibshop demonstration.

*After the event.


◯The audience at the hall

There are 135 people in the audience. Participants were not asked what their relations were to people with disabilities or chronic illnesses when they applied for the lectures. However, some of them had told us about their relations and Don asked "who" they were at his lecture. They were siblings, parents, university students, a nurse, a professor, speech therapists and service providers.

The staff members were 10. Most of them were siblings.


◯Anne and Hiroko

Anne is sitting in the front row during Don's lecture. The person next to Anne is Yasuko’s sister, Hiroko. She is wearing a Sibshop T-shirt.


◯Checking time

Don and I are checking the time in a wing of the stage.


◯Sooja and her colleague

Several staff members took turns in being receptionists.

Now, Sooja (left) and her colleague, Michiyo (right) are at reception.


◯Yasuko is hiding...

Yasuko's tasks were giving an opening address, giving a closing address and being a timekeeper, so she was basically in the wing of the stage.


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