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​How to join

We usually exchange information on the mailing list, so please join the mailing list.


Not only those who already run some kind of program, but also those who want to start sibling support from now on or those who want to get involved in sibling support in a form other than program management can participate.
Not only those who run registered Shibu shops, but also those who run other programs can participate.
Not only siblings, but also parents and third parties can participate.

Membership fee

As of November 2021, we have not received a membership fee, but we plan to do so in the future in order to develop our sibling support.

Please fill out the form below and contact us. We will process the registration later.

・ Name and furigana ・ Prefecture where you live ・ Name of the sibling support program you are running (if it is already running)
・ URL of the site, blog, etc. of the sibling support program that is being operated (if it is already being operated)
・ Self-introduction ・ Your own email address


Please note that even if you contact us without a self-introduction statement, we will not register.
The self-introduction text will be used as it is when introducing to everyone who has already participated. I would appreciate it if you could write about your position (siblings, parents, third parties) as much as possible, but please write as much as you can.
Messages posted on mailing lists may include personal privacy, so forwarding is prohibited in principle. If you want to transfer someone's message to another person or another ML, be sure to get the permission of the speaker.

Membership application

Thank you for sending
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