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Kinki sibling support

Osaka prefecture, Mie prefecture, Shiga prefecture, Nara prefecture, Wakayama prefecture, Kyoto prefecture, Hyogo prefecture

● Osaka Osaka City Shibutane (Sibling Support Tanemaki Project) [For children]
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We hold an event called "Sibling Day" where siblings of sick children can play a leading role and have fun, and we also spend time with siblings waiting for parents who are visiting at the hospital.

Contact: Visit our blog .


● Osaka Sakai City Enpawamen and Sakai / ES [For children]

Sibling support is called Orange Ribon. Chocohel, who is mainly a guardian of a family with a child with a disability in the Sakai area and is active once a month, requested a workshop for siblings in 2016. This year, we held a total of three sibling workshops once each semester.

Contact: Please visit the site .

● Kyoto Autism Association Sibling Support Association “Nakayoshikai” [For Children]

For children who are members of the Kyoto Autism Association, they are in the same position, having fun playing the leading role in activities two to three times a year (one-night camp and half-day recreation activities). It is a place where young children can get along with each other and discuss various thoughts as a young child. In addition, I would like to continue to keep the connections made here uninterrupted, such as consulting with staff about disabilities and welfare measures, and seeking cooperation with adult siblings.
Target age: In principle, elementary school students and above. There is no upper limit, but mainly up to junior high school students.
Date of establishment (year of activity start): November 2001 Contact: Kyoto Prefecture Autism Association <br> For inquiries about the activities of the association, please contact Kazufumi Tanaka.
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● Kyoto Kyoto Association (Kyoto Brothers and Sisters Association with "Persons with Disabilities")
Established in 1983 [For adults]

It is a meeting centered on siblings over the age of 18. People who are not siblings are also participating. The main activities are regular meeting activities (about once every two months) and dekoi land one night and two days exchange meeting (once a year). We also carry out activities of the "Polar Bear Association" centered on siblings in their 20s and 30s. Please see the homepage for details.

Contact: Please contact us from "Inquiries" on the site .

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