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Kanto sibling support

Ibaraki prefecture, Tochigi prefecture, Gunma prefecture, Saitama prefecture, Chiba prefecture, Tokyo, Kanagawa prefecture

● Tochigi Utsunomiya City ~ SHAring Mind of Siblings ~ Siblings SHAMS
Started in May 2008 [For children]
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This is a sibling meeting for siblings (elementary school students and above) with developmental disabilities.
Contact: shams at sign Please change the at sign to @.
Notice Blog: Siblings SHAMS

● Gunma Ota City Siblings Shirabe
Started in January 2018 [For children] [For adults]

This is a meeting for siblings of people with developmental disabilities and intellectual disabilities.
Currently, the focus is on events for children, with the aim of making friends and places to stay while playing.
The adult siblings' meeting is scheduled to be held from now on. Please contact us for details.

Contact Email: shirabe0121 At sign (Please change the at sign to @)
Site: FB page <br> Blog: Ayumi Shiromi's blog

● Chiba Chiba City Autism Association [For children]
Sibling program "Sibling care sunflower" sponsored by related parties

Contact: To the association's site or Himawari's blog .


● Tokyo Kyoto Support Association Established on March 18, 1998 [For adults]

Feelings that I couldn't tell anyone about when I became an adult-not only positive things like patience, insight, gratitude, and advocacy, but also guilt, isolation, resentment, and anxiety about the future. We are also focusing on securing a place to share various experiences by expressing negative things such as. Therefore, the main activity is to hold discussions (regular meetings) 10 times a year.
Not only siblings of people with disabilities but also siblings of chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes can participate.

Contact: Please visit the site .


● Tokyo A group of brothers and sisters walking with people with disabilities [for adults]
As of 2018, we are not doing any direct activities for children's siblings, but adult gatherings are becoming more active in various parts of the world.

Contact: Please visit the site .


● Itabashi-ku, Tokyo "Kyodai no Kai" Kirarinko-Children's Association-
You can participate even if you do not live in Itabashi Ward. Please contact the following for details.

Contact: Tokyo YWCA Itabashi Center


● Tokyo St. Luke's International Hospital Sibling Ranger [For Children]
We are working to support siblings in the Children's Ward of St. Luke's International Hospital. We are working in detail to support better siblings.


From the power of Tokyo children [for children]

In the pediatric waiting room on the 12th floor of the National Cancer Center Central Hospital, I enjoy playing with my siblings who cannot enter the ward even if they are brought to the hospital. Sometimes the sick child is with me.


● Kanagawa Prefectural Siblings Association [For adults] Started in November 2014

This is an adult "self-help group" based in Isehara City and other central areas of the prefecture, with specific / chronic disease patients and disabled people as siblings. We hold a regular meeting on the 4th Sunday of every month.

Contact: Please visit the site .
Email: ky0da1.pc At sign Please change the at sign to @.


● Kawasaki City Kawasaki Brothers and Sisters Association [For adults]

It is a meeting for siblings of people with mental disorders.
There is also information on meetings other than Kawasaki.

Contact: Please visit the site .


● Kyodai Support Association Kanagawa Established in December 2003 [For adults]

Contact: Please visit the site .


● Siblings' Association [For children]

School-age siblings of autistic children gather about once every one or two months for activities. Become friends through activities such as recreation, cooking, excursions, and discussions. I am thinking that my siblings can enjoy their activities. By doing this kind of activity, I hope to reduce the anxiety and burden that my siblings have, such as creating an environment where they can consult in the future.

Contact: To the person in charge of implementation

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