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Overview and purpose

The Society for Disseminating Sibling Support has been active since 2004 with the aim of disseminating support for siblings of children with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Since siblings' worries last a lifetime and are constantly changing, support includes adults. We also propose support methods other than programs that provide peer support.


Initially, a support program for siblings of children with disabilities and chronic illnesses, such as the "Shibu Shop" developed in the United States, and a support program (gathering) for siblings of adolescents and adults in Japan. It was only intended to spread to.

However, the problem that siblings have cannot be solved only by providing a place for peer support. Therefore, while referring to the activities of overseas organizations, we will also disseminate support other than program management.

At meetings, we usually exchange information on the mailing list, but our goal is to meet in person once a year to exchange information.


The annual gathering was closed for five years due to various reasons, but it resumed in April 2014. Due to the international event in March 2019, the 2018 gathering was closed.

Activities as of November 2021 and future plans

(1) Practical report meeting A sibling support practice report meeting is held once a year (the image is like a conference of an academic society, but it is not a society-like one). It will be held alternately in Tokyo and Osaka. It will be done online for a while due to Corona. If it is done online, we asked the people involved in the Shibu shop in the United States to make a presentation for the first time in 2020 so that we could hear the practices of overseas people. Even if the corona is over, the gathering to listen to the practices of foreigners will continue.

(2) Japanese Shibu Shop Facilitator zoom
Zoom to exchange information with Emily, a sibling support project in the United States, and facilitators of overseas sibling shops. It is scheduled to be held once every 3 to 4 months to ask for an interpreter. Currently, it is limited to those who are registered Shibu shops and those who have received training in the sibling support project.

(3 ) Operation of a closed Facebook group to support those who have undergone Shibu Shop Facilitator training in Tokyo in 2019.

(4) Site renewal
The site was renewed on November 2, 2021. We will gradually enhance the content.

(5) Information gathering Information gathering about support at schools where siblings of school age spend most of their weekdays.

(6) Translation work Resumed translation work for a program that encourages families of people with disabilities to design future lives for people with disabilities after their parents die.

(7) Support for senior siblings

Dissemination of useful information for seniors who have various issues in a super-aging society. Sibling Leadership Network (SLN) Research Project Includes a summary of research conducted by the Japanese team.

(8) Preparation for online training (with Japanese translation) for the US sibling support project.
We are preparing for the event from June to July 2022.

History of establishment and a brief chronology

September 2001 The Kyodai Support Association invited Donald Meyer and Anne Guthrie (then University of Kansas) of the U.S. Kyodai Support Project to hold a two-day training to support Kyodai.

2001 Established a mailing list mainly for those who participated in the above two-day training on both days. Recruit participants only by word of mouth for a while.

January 2003 US Sibling Support Project announces standards for Shibu Shop practice.


March 22, 2004 A request to create a place where not only siblings but also third-party people can participate in discussing issues encountered during the operation of the sibling support program (Shibu Shop). In response to this, people in various positions such as adult siblings, welfare / medical specialists (people involved in supporting children with developmental disabilities, nurses at pediatric hospitals, etc.), parents, etc. Established "Meeting to spread sibling support" as a place to exchange information about "sibling support" for people or children / persons with chronic diseases.

Held a face-to-face gathering once a year from 2004 to 2008.

2009-2013 Due to various circumstances, face to face gatherings have been suspended for 5 years.


2014 Resumed the annual face-to-face gathering "Sibling Support Practice Report Meeting".

July 1, 2017 Renewal of the site.

March 2019
A two-day training session was held by Donald Meyer, a sibling support project in the United States, co-sponsored by NPO Shibutane.

November 2, 2021

Renewed to the current site.

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