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​Translation booklet

Translated booklet of materials from US organizations

A and B are booklets distributed as handouts on the day of the Tokyo Lecture / Two-day training in March 2019.

A) Sibling Support Project Distribution Booklet Sibling Support Project
Distribution of the 3rd edition started on July 6, 2019.


B) Siblings for children with special needs-unique worries and invaluable experiences Donald Meyer
Distribution of the 3rd edition started on July 6, 2019.


C) The distribution of the handbook for the sibling support group has ended, and the reprint time is undecided.

A) Sibling support project distribution booklet 3rd edition Distribution: 1,500 yen Contents: Enlightenment of sibling support, explanation and planning method of sibling shop, number of letters to Aunt Brabby: 60 pages

B) Siblings of children with special needs-specific worries and inaccessible experiences 3rd edition Distribution: 1,000 yen Contents: Peculiar worries and invaluable experiences of siblings-less anxiety and many good aspects Number of pages: 32 pages

C) Handbook for sibling support group Distribution: 600 yen Contents: About the method and session when a sibling of a mentally handicapped person becomes an adult and organizes and operates a support group Number of pages: 28 pages

Packing shipping fee (envelope fee + mailing fee): 220 yen for 1 book or 1 set (1 book for A and 1 book for B).
We will send it by click post of Japan Post.
Please contact us if you have more than 2 sets.
If you order the amount that needs to be sent by courier, we will send it by cash on delivery.

How to order: 1) Address and name of destination, 2) Desired number of books, 3) Document name (estimate, invoice, delivery note) if accounting documents are required for purchase at public expense 4) Please transfer the price (booklet fee and packing shipping fee) after letting us know if you can send the accounting documents such as the quotation as a PDF file.
We will send it as soon as we confirm the transfer.

Email address: siblingjapan_contact At sign (Please change the at sign to @)

Transfer destination: Japan Post Bank Account name: Association to spread sibling support Account number: 10110-69990911
* For transfers from other financial institutions, it is as follows.
Store name: 〇18 (Zeroichihachi)
Store number: 018
Savings: 6999091

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