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The first (and only) mailing list on the Internet for adult siblings for people with special needs.
All email exchanges are in English!

The sibling support project will inform you about SibNet. SibNet is the first and only mailing list for and about people with chronic, developmental and mental illnesses.


Join SibNet!
We aim to make SibNet a place for siblings after adolescence to share information and discuss common interests. We also hope that it will be of interest to parents, welfare service providers, and those who are interested in the well-being of their siblings.

(We recommend that younger siblings join SibKids. Older siblings who want to share various opinions and experiences with younger siblings also join SibKid. I can do it.)

Currently, SibNet can only be attended by the siblings who are the parties, not parents or service providers. Also, SibKids has been closed and is no longer in operation. Added on May 1, 2020.

By joining SibNet, you can at least:

  • You can meet friends in the same position. Many siblings have never talked to colleagues in the same position about growing up with their siblings who have special needs. SibNet will be a place to share with those who "understand" everything in between, when it's good and when it's not very good.

  • You can connect with people who are doing different things for your siblings and adults.

  • You can get information about each area. Many adult siblings find themselves increasingly involved in the lives of their siblings, even if they live in different states. Members of SibNet can find out about services, businesses and policies in the community where their siblings live. For example, you can find out about the housing choices (group homes, facilities, etc.) of an older sister (sister) living in Seattle and an older brother (younger brother) living in Sacramento.

  • You can create encounters for your brothers and sisters. For example, a member of SibNet who lives in Tulsa can find out if his brother, who lives in Tampa and loves bowling, has a suitable league for him in the area.

  • You can discuss appropriate policies for siblings that government agencies should have. In most families, it is the siblings who will have the longest relationship with someone who has special needs. The siblings should have the attention and deep consideration from the government.

How to join SibNet (easy and free!)

The easiest way is to access the description page ( of the sibling support project site. Please register according to the procedure described there.

This completes the procedure! It's up to you to decide, but SibNet is a modest mailing list. Few people would write a heartless swearing. It is not my intention to prevent different opinions. You don't have to worry too much. Because, from my experience, my brothers-those who care about their brothers and sisters-are among the most wonderful people living in this world. Because I was taught that! See you on SibNet!

Sibling Support Project Director Don Meyer

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