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Supporting children at school-From the practice of Sibs UK in the UK-

Sibs UK is an organization that systematically supports siblings of children and adults with disabilities in the United Kingdom. At Sibs UK, what should be understood in order to support the school, which is considered to be the most recognizable place for the living situation of the child, and the specific support for the child at the school. Shows the method.

One of the specific ways to support children at school is "Sibs Talk," which Sibs UK co-developed with researchers at the University of Warwick. This is a support tool for conducting one-on-one intervention sessions for young children. To learn this useful information, meet Sibs UK CEO Clare Kassa on March 3, 2020 to learn about school support for children at Sibs UK. Thank you.


At that time, I got permission to translate and reprint the "Siblings in School Project" page on the Sibs UK homepage, so I will post it here one by one.

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