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This homepage is a translation of the homepage of the American sibling support project by the Japanese "sibling support society", and with the permission of the first director of the project, Donald Meyer, the site of the initial sibling support society. It was deployed in. After that, in May 2020, we transferred from the Sibling Support Association to the Sibling Support Association.
As the Kyoto Children's Hospital / Medical Center moved from the Seattle Children's Hospital / Medical Center to the Seattle Kinderling Center via the National Association of People with Intellectual Disabilities, the project homepage has been renewed, but the Japanese version is for children. It is from the hospital / medical center era.

Unauthorized reproduction or distribution is strictly prohibited. If you would like to use it for something, please contact the Society for Disseminating Sibling Support.

The Sibling Support Project ( ) is a nationwide program for siblings of people with special health and development needs.

  • What siblings want parents and service providers to know.

  • Learn why you can't overlook the importance of siblings .

  • Get a deeper understanding of Sibshops. The Shibu Shop (Workshop for Siblings) is a lively, award-winning, peer support (same) designed for school-aged siblings of children with special needs. It is a program to meet friends in the position).

  • Get a deeper understanding of Shibu Shops in the Seattle area of the United States.

  • Find a Shibu shop in your area or search for a program for your siblings in the directory of over 350 programs in the US, Canada and other countries.

  • Read the back number of the newsletter.

  • Learn more about your sibling support project.

  • Learn about the workshops we offer and see what's coming soon.

  • Check out the sources-books, newsletters, videos, movies, etc. for and about siblings.

  • For the Sibshop curriculum, visit the publisher's site (Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., Inc.) .

  • Join SibNet and SibKids. (This is a mailing list for siblings. The explanation of the list has been translated, but the language of the list is English!) * Sib Kids has been closed and is no longer available (April 30, 2020). postscript).

  • Read and print materials that you often inquire about.

  • See a special article about "Uncommon Fathers" in the Seattle Times.

  • For parents and welfare service providers, check out the SNIP-the Sibling Need and Involvement Profile. * This material was distributed by The Ohio State University, The Nisonger Center, but is not currently distributed (added on April 30, 2020).

  • Read an excerpt from our book.


What you want parents and service providers to know
Why you can't overlook its importance
To siblings

Donald Meyer, Director of the Today Support Project * Meyer retired in 2018, and the director as of May 2020 is Emily Holl.
Illustration: Carrie Pillo
Homepage design: Nancy Ricci
Japanese version created: Society to spread sibling support

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