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2001 The First 2-day Training / Demonstration Sibshop

On the second day of the 2-day training program, there was a demonstration sibshop. Sibshops are workshops for young siblings. Sibshops seek to provide siblings with opportunities for peer support. Sibshops will provide siblings with the following opportunities: to meet other siblings, to discuss common joys and concerns with other siblings, to learn how others handle situations commonly experienced by siblings, to learn more about the implications of their sibling's special needs.

The following is the program of the demonstration sibshop in Tokyo. 09:30 Set up 10:00 Trainees arrive Review day's activities 10:30 Kids arrive/Face tags! 10:50 Strengths and Weaknesses 11:40 Knots 11:48 Lap Game 11:52 Stand Up 12:02 Group Juggling 12:12 Triangle Tag 12:25 Lunch 13:07 Sightless Sculpture 13:30 Psychic Shake 13:45 Dear Aunt Blabby 14:05 Push Pin Soccer 14:30 Sound Off 15:00 Fond Farewell to Kids /Debriefing and Planning 16:00 Farewell to Trainees


We recruited kids for the demonstration Sibshop and eleven kids applied. However, one boy didn't come because he wanted to go to another activity, a camporee (a boy scout activity). We told his mother that of course we would like to have him, but she should respect what he wanted. Consequently, five girls and five boys came. We expected that kids would come various places and they would need their parent(s) to accompany them to the sibshop. Thus, we set up a parents' meeting while the kids participated in the sibshop. Some parents brought their disabled children with them. We also recruited 20 trainees. We had to turn down some applicants because over 20 people applied. Two interpreters helped with this sibshop as volunteers. Hisako interpreted what the kids said into English. Aki, her friend, interpreted what Don and Anne said into Japanese.

  • Face tags 1

Firstly, we made our nametags with face-shaped papers. Everyone made his/her face tag, including the staff. One girl is making her face tag and some trainees are helping her. The woman who stood at the left is her mother.

  • Face tags 2

One boy is making his face tag and his father is helping him. We drew our likeness. His father took out his cell phone and it had the boy's picture!

  • Strengths and Weaknesses

We are doing the first discussion activity: "Strengths and Weaknesses." The kids and some trainees, who were siblings, became pairs. They interviewed each other about their strengths and weaknesses and those of their disabled siblings. Then, they presented their interviews in front of everyone. Anne and one girl became a pair. Hisako, an interpreter, helped them.

  • Stand Up

Sibshops are fun. The kids are playing a game: "Stand Up."

  • Group Juggling

The kids are playing another game: "Group Juggling." We bought stuffed Pokemons for this game.

  • Triangle Tag

The kids are playing another game: "Triangle Tag."

  • Lunch Girls

Lunch time. If there were a kitchen at the place, we could have done a cooking activity.

We didn't have a kitchen, so we bought about 100 rice ball and several kinds of drinks.

  • Sightless Sculpture

The kids are doing an activity: "Sightless Sculpture." This activity helps kids to understand the abilities of people with disabilities.

  • Sound off

The kids and some of the adult siblings are doing a discussion activity: "Sound off."


If I could tell


(my parents, my friends, my teacher, the whole world)

just ONE THING that is


(good, bad, so-so...)

about having a sib with special needs

it would be: _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ です。


  • A group Picture 1/2/3

A group Picture 1: Don, Anne, the kids, and one trainee.

A group Picture 2: Don, Anne, the kids, and their parents and siblings. The women waring Sibshop T-shirts are the staff members, Kaori and Yasuko.

A group Picture 3: Don, Anne, the kids, the trainees, the interpreters, and Yasuko.


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