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Sibling Support Practice Report Meeting Executive Committee

He is a member of the executive committee as of May 2021.
The name of the organization after the name indicates the place of activity of each person.
We are deeply grateful to Donald Meyer of The Sibling Support Project for what he has accomplished (such as the development of "Sibshops", a workshop for siblings). It is a group of people who have a mind.

  • Yasuko Arima (Kyodai Support Association, etc.)

  • Rumiko Inoue (NPO Children's Power)

  • Toshihisa Okada (Pediatrician)

  • Yuyo Kiyota (NPO corporation Shibutane)

  • Shibread (NPO corporation Shibutane)

  • Mayu Takishima (Kyodaikai SHAMS, etc.)

  • ​ Niie Kazuki (Nagoya University Graduate School, etc.)

  • Lisa Matsumoto (Hokuriku Siblings, Sibkoto, etc.)

  • Etsuyo Furuya (Kitasato University)

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