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Volunteers, donations, etc.


​When holding a sibling support practice report meeting, we may recruit people to help with the operation.


The main expenses are mailing list operation, site operation, zoom contract fee, venue fee at the time of the Kyodai Support Practice Report Meeting, interpreter fee, translation fee, etc. Please see the accounting report for details.

Please donate to the following account. Since you can only know your name in your passbook, we would appreciate it if you could let us know by email. The email address is siblingjapan_contact at sign (please change the at sign to @).

Donation transfer destination: Japan Post Bank Account name: Society to spread sibling support Account number: 10110-69990911
* For transfers from other financial institutions, it is as follows.
Store name: 〇18 (Zeroichihachi)
Store number: 018
Savings: 6999091

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